My name is Sergio Azevedo and I'm a
Designer / Code Wrangler / Pixel Engineer
based in Long Island, NY.

Recent Projects // portfolio

Total Defense

Total Defense

Website Design
HTML / CSS / Photoshop / Dreamweaver / Illustrator

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Hulk - Brushes for iPad


Digital Illustration
Brushes / iPad

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Logo Design

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Me // full bio

My name is Sergio and I like to design stuff. Whether it's with code or Photoshop or my trusty 2B pencil. I’ve been working professionally for over 10 years and I pride myself on delivering clean, efficient, business-strengthening solutions to all my clients.

“A design isn’t complete just because you can’t add anything more to it, but, rather, when you can’t remove anything more from it.”

(cap)Ability // view all

I offer services that cover a wide range of solutions that you're looking for.

// web design & development
// logo & brand development
// graphic & technical illustration
// banner & email campaigns
// print design
// and more...

Social // contact me

Twitter: twitter.com/amonkeyonacid facebook linkedin tumblr flickr